Writing isn’t just about words…

It’s about exploring the universe and its endless possibilities.

It’s about finding hope and truth in the story’s twists and turns.

It’s about transforming your heart and mind as you lose yourself in the pages.

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Fearless Footsteps will be hitting the shelves on November 17, 2020. Carol’s story, “Fearless Footsteps on Mount St. Helens,” will be featured in this inspirational compilation of travel stories. Click here to learn more and reserve your copy.

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A Wondrous World of Words

When I was a little girl, books were as good as magic to me. I’d crack open the pages and the sweet scent of paper and ink would draw me deeper. The words whisked me away on unexpected adventures full of new ideas. The possibilities were endless. Would I travel to a new planet? OrContinue reading “A Wondrous World of Words”

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